Caminito del Rey excursion

Caminito del Rey is, without any doubt, a world-class attraction. 

People from around the globe take the Caminito del Rey hike to experience its adventures and see the beautiful natural sceneries. 

But beyond the main attraction of the Caminito del Rey hike, there are plenty of noteworthy sites that visitors can explore on one of the many Caminito del Rey excursions. 

With that in mind, let’s check out the top nearby places, the Caminito del Rey excursion, you can explore around Caminito del Rey.


Rock of Gibraltar 

Gibraltar is a unique location with plenty of history and many things to explore, with the Rock of Gibraltar being the primary attraction. 

You can take a full-day Gibraltar trip from Malaga to explore this exquisitely beautiful place at your own pace. 

You can climb to the top of the fortified Rock of Gibraltar for stunning views of the narrow strait that connects Europe and Africa. 

You can go down to the beautiful Spanish coastline of Costa del Sol. Learn from your experienced guide about the multicultural mix of Gibraltar, once a British territory. 

Apart from the Strait of Gibraltar, this full-day trip also lets you explore another popular site in the area; the cave of San Miguel.

At the cave of San Miguel,you can spot some Barbary Macaques. 

Even though Gibraltar is approximately 140 km away from Malaga and will take 2 hours to reach, with this full-day tour, you can visit all these places on a minibus without hassles.

Ruins of Bobastro 

These ruins are perfect for visiting and have a fascinating history. History lovers would love the Ruins of Bobastro. 

The ruins of Bobastro are an archaeological site in the Malaga province of Spain. They were a fortified settlement built during the 9th C by the rebel leader Umar Ibn Hafsun. 

He is known to have led a revolt against the Umayyad Caliphate. The Ruins of Bobastro are on the sandstone plateau known as “Mesas de Villaverde.” 

Nowadays, lush greenery surrounds the ruins; you can get unrestricted access to nearby peaks and valleys. These are nothing less than stunning!

This attraction has a nominal charge, and the admission price is worth it!

Museum of Picasso 

Even people with zero interest in painting will surely recognize one name, Pablo Picasso. 

And one of the unmissable places in the Caminito del Rey hike is the Picasso Museum in Malaga

The world-renowned master of painting, Pablo Picasso, was born in Malaga, Spain. Learn about the artist’s life from your local guide to find a new appreciation for his genius. 

You can browse through the museum to marvel at the collection of works by Picasso. This attraction is one of the only three official Picasso museums worldwide.

You can also walk through the elegant Buena Vista Palace. Here you can learn more about the personal life of the most influential artists of the 20th C.

Roman Theater and Alcazaba tour 

Malaga has a long and rich history. Parts of these remain as ruins of well-preserved archaeological sites you can explore. 

Malaga’s most intriguing attractions are the Palatial Alcazaba and the adjacent Roman theater ruins.

And we’d suggest getting a guided tour of the Roman theater and Alcazaba. A local guide will tell you the history of the Roman Republic in Malaga at the ruins of the Roman Theatre. 

Explore the best preserved Alcazaba in Spain at Malaga’s cultural heart. 

Learn about the origin of the building, the different stories related to its intended purpose, and how it evolved.

Malaga city tour 

After touring Caminito del Rey, we’d recommend that visitors explore Malaga and learn about its history, how it changed over the years, and its various landmarks. 

You will see many impressive landmarks, such as the Gibralfaro Castle, the Pompadour Museum, and the Alcazaba. 

You can also explore other equally impressive sites like La Malagueta Beach and pass by the Farola de Malaga. 

You can pick one from the list of various tickets to do all of this. For instance, you can pick up the Malaga city tour by private tuk-tuk. This option is convenient if you want to walk less.

Another option is to go for the guided walking Malaga city tour. Apart from these two, you can also go for a private personalized walking tour.

Malaga Excursion

An adventurous Caminito del Rey hike should not be the end of your thrilling trip. The various excursions in Malaga, Spain, make for a beautiful experience. 

Apart from hiking Malaga, there are many Caminito del Rey excursions to make your trip more memorable. 

So, consider a few handpicked activities and Malaga tours excursion worth considering.

Here are some excursions from Malaga. 

Malaga Gastronomy, Paella and cultural Tour

What’s the best way to explore and know a place than to take a tour combining history, culture, and food? 

The gastronomy and cultural tour will give you a glimpse into the incredible background of the city. 

Beyond knowing the city’s history, culture, and other significant events, you will also get an opportunity to participate in a hands-on activity.

From buying the ingredients in the famous Atarazanas market to learning how to make Paella in the most local style on a beach. Enjoy and explore the local cuisine to the fullest.  

Throughout the day, you will witness plenty of historical sites and prominent viewpoints in the city. 

Finally, remember buying a perfect souvenir as you explore Malaga to encapsulate unforgettable memories.

The Malaga gastronomy and cultural tour is one of the most recommended Malaga tours excursions that will help you truly discover Malaga City. 

Ronda full-day tour by bus from Malaga

One of the most highly recommended excursions from Malaga Spain we urge visitors to take is the Ronda full-day tour. 

The Ronda full-day tour promises unparalleled natural landscapes that stretch for miles and lanes full of fascinating history.

Witness the charm and beauty of the mountainous city of Ronda on a bus and walking tour from Malaga.

The city features breathtaking views, architecture, cobblestone streets, and scenery to your heart’s delight. 

Marvel at how the city is perched dramatically above a deep gorge. Embark on a walking tour to uncover fascinating tales, history, and plenty more subjects of curiosity on the tour.

Learn about the history of the bandoleros who roamed the same streets you are now walking on. 

Explore the local cuisine, taste the local wines, and shop a little before finally concluding the day full of amazement.

Alhambra Guided tour from Malaga 

Another one of the highly recommended Malaga excursions you must consider is the Alhambra Guided tour from Malaga

Go back in time to witness the history and cultural importance of Alhambra. The Alhambra Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Witness the magnificence and beauty of this fortress complex, one of the most famous monuments of Islamic architecture. 

On this full-day guided tour, you will also see other equally impressive sites such as the Generalife Gardens, the Palace of Charles V, and Nasrid Palace. 

Admire the ornate Moorish design of the interiors of the Nasrid Palace and the ponds and fountains in the Generalife Gardens. 

The live bilingual guide will further enrich your experience with relevant information so that you can put these majestic sights in perspective.

Of all Malaga excursions, we highly recommend this excursion from Malaga Spain especially if you like places with history behind them.

Sunset Sailing Catamaran Trip with Glass of Cava from Malaga

If you are looking for Malaga shore excursions, this strikes a perfect balance between a fun, relaxing adventure out on the water. 

Kick back and relax. Watch the sunset as you sail over the sea onboard a comfortable and luxurious sunset Sailing catamaran.

Enjoy the calm breeze and soothing music onboard with your friends and family.

Enjoy sipping on a glass of cava as you watch the sun disappear slowly below the horizon. There will be light music playing to make the moment even more magical. 

Add a touch of magic to your evening with a romantic light show and music making it one of the ideal Malaga excursions for couples.

The Sunset sailing catamaran is a perfect tour to witness the skyline of Malaga, chill, and enjoy cava, and music, as you slowly drift in tranquility over the Mediterranean.

Discover all the insider tips and exciting details about tickets, what to expect, and more! Don’t miss out – click to learn more now.


What are the things to do near El Caminito del Rey?

Given Caminito del Rey’s remote location, few nearby attractions exist. However, visitors can purchase the Caminito del Rey adventure tours to enhance their experience.

Beyond this, there are a few popular things that can be easily accessible and explored such as the Rock of Gibraltar.

Other noteworthy attractions include the ruins of Bobastro, the Museum of Picasso,  and the Roman Theatre

Lastly, the Malaga City tour is above everything. 

Is it worth visiting Gibraltar from Malaga?

Yes! The Rock of Gibraltar is one of Earth’s most unique politico-geographic points. 

And the full-day Rock of Gibraltar trip from Malaga is the most convenient way to visit it. This trip features more than just the Rock Of Gibraltar. 

Apart from the strait of Gibraltar, you will explore the cave of San Miguel, where you can spot a few Barbary Macaque, the Spanish coastline of Costa del Sol,  and the fascinating history of Gibraltar.

Is the Picasso Museum free?

Visitors can explore the museum dedicated to one of the most famous painters of all time for free on select days. 

The Picasso Museum is free for visitors on the first Sunday of every month from 9 am to 7 pm and Thursday afternoons from 4 pm to 7 pm. 

Otherwise, you can visit the Picasso Museum in Malaga by purchasing tickets online at a nominal price.

Featured Image: Malaga.es

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