How Long does Caminito del Rey Take?

With one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world, the Caminito del Rey hike (King’s Little Path) is considered one of the most adrenaline-fueling experiences only kings can go through. 

This bucket-list adventure destination is not for the faint heart and requires meticulous planning to ensure safety.

Make an estimate of the Caminito del Rey duration by knowing how long the Caminito del Rey walk is and prepare yourself in advance! 

Hikers usually spend three to four hours at this narrow hike of El Caminito del Rey.

Know about other factors that may influence these average hike timings at Caminito del Rey: 

How Long is the Caminito del Rey Walk?

The total length of the narrow pathway on which hikers can walk at Camino del Rey is 7.7 km.

Of this 7.7 km pathway, 4.9 km are accessways, and almost 3 kms is the Broadwalk, for which the Caminito del Rey hike is most famous. 

This is the region where you will come across all the magnificent and heart-racing narrow paths that hang on the side of a cliff. 

You’ll also come across a 2.5 km scenic walk through the forest with some slopes that will take you approximately 30 minutes to cross. 

On average, it will take around three to four hours to cover the entire Caminito del Rey hike but these timings may vary depending on your pace, resting time etc.

You must note that there’s no time limitation and you can take as much time as you want to experience the natural beauty of Caminito del Rey. 

Caminito del Rey Tour 

How long does Caminito del Rey take often includes the Caminito del Rey tour duration that includes transportation time as well. 

Full-day Caminito del Rey tours from almost all nearby big cities will take you at least 8 hours. 

You can book a full-day trip to Caminito del Rey from Malaga, Cordoba, El Chorro, Seville, and more. 

You can also book a transfer Caminito del Rey tour that can take five to six hours. 

If you are going to Caminito del Rey, adventure is integral to the entire Caminito del Rey hike. 

Adventure Caminito del Rey tours let you experience zip-lining, kayaking, and swimming in the lake to add to the fun and adventure. 

For the foodies, you also get the option to book a Caminito del Rey tour with food such as the Caminito del Rey excursion along with a tasting of Malaga products

Thus, if you have a basic Caminito del Rey ticket, your tour might be over within 4 hours but with more exhilarating adventure tours, you can easily spend an entire day doing epic thrilling activities.

Even though the Caminito del Rey hike is popular for its element of adventure and landscapes, there is a lot that you can learn on this hike if you go on the Caminito del Rey guided tour

You will be able to learn about the history, culture, and fascinating stories related to the King’s Little Path, trails, and various climbers. It makes the entire Caminito del Rey hike a lot more engaging.


How long does it take to walk Caminito del Rey?

The Caminito del Rey hike is 7.7 km long and has various sections. On average, it takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete it.

However, a big factor to consider is your enthusiasm to explore and the type of Caminito del Rey tour you have booked. 

You can spend your time depending on these factors. Learn about the significant viewpoints before the trip to enjoy the hike further. 

Can you walk the Caminito del Rey without a guide?

Yes! You can walk the Caminito del Rey without a guide with just a simple Caminito del Rey admission ticket

However, to truly understand the significance of the hike, its history, and more fascinating stories about the climber, you must book a guided Caminito del Rey hike ticket

To further elevate your experience, you can go for the amazing Caminito del Rey adventure tours.

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