Malaga Activities 

Who says your adventurous trip needs to limit itself to only the Caminito del Rey hike? There are plenty of other activities in Malaga, Spain, you can enjoy. 

The long list of activities to do in Malaga Spain lies way beyond the Malaga hiking and Caminito del Rey Excursions. 

So, indulge yourself in the vibrant and diverse culture of Malaga, and discover a world of exhilarating experiences and Malaga activities that will leave you captivated.

For visitors who want a truly unparalleled memorable time in Malaga, here is a list of some amazing Malaga activities.

You can explore the famous landmarks, dive into the azure waters, or savor the culinary delights that Malaga has to offer. 

From the iconic Alcazaba Fortress and Picasso Museum to thrilling water sports and tantalizing food tours, the options are endless.

Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping Malaga adventures or a more leisurely pace, there’s something for everyone in this breathtaking city.

Also, don’t forget to try out Malaga beach activities, and other outdoor activities in Malaga.


Kayak & Snorkel tour in Cerro Gordo Natural Park

Kayak Snorkel tour in Cerro Gordo Natural Park
Image: Idnerja.com

If you are looking for Malaga beach activities, this is one of the most recommended water activities in Malaga. 

See the magnificent cliffs of Maro Cerro Gorda from a Kayak as you paddle with your partner or friends.

Enjoy close-up views of the rugged shoreline which is only accessible from the sea. 

And the best part is this is one of the Malaga water activities in which most can participate 

This is an instructor/guide-led activity thus even a beginner is in the right hands. 

Go on a scenic route where secluded caves and stretches of beach make up most of the landscape. 

There will be snorkeling opportunities along this route. Your operator will give you a mask, snorkel, and fins with a safety briefing. 

So what are you waiting for? Jump first and think later! Get this kayak & snorkel tour to enjoy one of the most amazing Malaga outdoor activities.

Best of Malaga activities

A Malaga tour may not be the first thing on your mind when looking for Caminito del Rey activities.

Yet it is no less rewarding than a Caminito del Rey hike. 

Discover Malaga’s rich history and abundant major attractions; this immersive walking tour helps uncover the city’s hidden gems. 

Visit prominent sites such as the Malaga Cathedral, Roman Theatre, Alcazaba, and more. 

From the Plaza de la Merced, follow your guide on a guided tour and learn about the city’s history. 

You will get in touch with the city’s ancient past when you visit its Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba. 

We recommend a Malaga tour for a different perspective of the city. This is among the best activities in Malaga!

Malaga electric bikes guided tour 

It is one of the most appealing outdoor activities in Malaga. 

The electric bike guided tour is best for enthusiasts in Malaga adventure activities. 

It may not be as extreme as the Caminito del Rey, it still offers a bit of fun to everyone. 

Hop on a comfortable electric bike and see Malaga attractions with ease. 

This leisurely bike ride will go through the city up to Mt.Gibralfaro. If you love hiking then you must read Hiking Malaga to learn a few of the most recommended trails. 

You won’t feel crowded as this is a small group activity and only 10 participants or fewer will go with you. 

You will have the flexibility to choose a time, morning or afternoon. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Malaga electric bikes guided tour and uncover the city’s significant attractions on a bike!

Caminito del Rey activities

Caminito del Rey activities
Image: Endesa.com

How can we forget the Caminito del Rey hike? It is much more than just the suspended boardwalk at a magnificent height.

It gives you an adrenaline rush and memories worth cherishing a lifetime. 

Beyond typical hiking adventure, birdwatching and photography, there are other options to elevate your hiking experience. 

Two of the most popular activities anyone can try are picnics in nature and a possible boat ride on a waterbody. 

Well, the Caminito del Rey hike has both of these activities to offer to all visitors.

So, learn all the crucial information about these activities before your visit, as unlike most typical picnics and boat rides; there is a catch!

Caminito del Rey picnic 

If you don’t know already that you can’t pack an elaborate lunch or food that requires preparing on the Caminito del Rey hike, then you must read Caminito del Rey rules & restrictions

It will give you crucial and useful information you should know before your Caminito del Rey hike. 

Since you aren’t allowed to sit and enjoy a picnic on this well-conserved 8 km long Caminito del Rey hike route, you may be inclined to think you are out of options. 

But that’s not true! You can most definitely enjoy a great picnic outdoors surrounded by nature. 

For this, all you need to do is get the small group tour Caminito del Rey tickets with a picnic

You can enjoy a delicious picnic lunch within the picturesque setting of the national park with your friends and family.

The picnic will include a variety of local delicacies. Thus, it will be a unique experience on its own. You will be able to explore traditional Andalusian food prepared with local products. 

This picnic Caminito del Rey ticket is even more value-for-money, given it also includes the Caminito del Rey hike entry price.

People who love food and like to explore the local, traditional food of the place they are visiting would also love the Caminito del Rey ticket with local food tasting
You can taste the variety of local Malaga products for which the area is popular.

Caminito del Rey boat rides

Another distinctly expected activity people like to experience on any hike is the adventurous boat rides. 

Visitors can experience boat rides or kayaking to be precise through the Conde del Guadalhorce Reservoir. For this, you need to get the kayaking adventure tour Caminito del Rey tickets

This will be a guided activity, and most people can participate in this. So, you don’t have to worry about needing certain experience for this. 

It will be a 2-hour-long guided kayaking trip through the Guadalhorce Reservoir, where you can witness the mesmerizing views of the surrounding water. 

Even before this, you will get some free time at the Camping de Ardales Dam’s facilities to explore and look around. 

During the Kayaking experience, visitors can dip into the water for a refreshing swim before heading out for the Caminito del Rey excursion. 

Thus, it is the most extensive Caminito del Rey ticket to experience the hike and enjoy some water activity.  

The cherry on the cake is that these Caminito del Rey tickets include a picnic. 

This ticket also makes sense for people looking for a transfer tour Caminito del Rey tickets from El Chorro. 

We provide all the information you need to plan your perfect trip to Caminito del Rey, from prices and availability to insider tips and recommendations. 

With our comprehensive guide, you can make the most of your time in Malaga and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Can you swim in Caminito del Rey?

Yes, it may come as a surprise but visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim in the river below flowing in the Caminito del Rey hike. But, you can’t do that without a valid ticket. 

You can buy the Caminito del Rey trip with kayaking or the Caminito del Rey Lake swimming private tour. It allows visitors to not just experience a water-based adventure activity but later enjoy a quick dip as well. 

There are other adventure tours for visitors such as ziplining and Via Ferrata to further elevate the experience.

What are the Caminito del Rey activities? 

The Caminito del Rey hike is one of the most thrilling and adventurous bikes. There are plenty of activities such as Photography and birdwatching to further add an element of excitement. 

Beyond this, visitors can go for one of the adventure tickets such as the Caminito del Rey trip with kayaking, the Caminito del Rey Lake swimming private tour, or ziplining.

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